Book your own personal F1 racing adventure on origianal F1 race trace in Europe.

Feel the power of exelleration for max. 6 racers.



Elefant trekking in the austrian/bavarian alps.

In the year 218 BC,

the Carthaginian commander Hannibal crossed the Alps with elephants and stood at the gates of Rome.


You move with the animals like Hannibal once over mountains and forests and spend the night in selected luxury hotels.

Duration 2 to 3 days


Be your own movie star.


Creation of an approx. 60 min. in a James Bond action style movie,

 You and also your friends playing the leading role.

Filming location in the Alps in Bavaria / Austria. Duration to produce the movie app. 1 week.


Price: depending on budget of client starting up at 50 000.- €.

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